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    1. Reaction of transgenic Citrus sinensis plants to Citrus tristeza virus infection by Toxoptera citricida

    文献信息:Muniz Fabiana R,Muniz, Fabiana R.,Harakava, Ricardo,Alves Mourao Filho, Francisco de Assis,Stach-Machado, Dagmar R.,Rezende, Jorge A. M.,Febres, Vicen等.  2014-01-09 发表于【European Journal of Plant Pathology】 |  , 请登录

    简介:Transgenic Citrus sinensis \'Hamlin\' and \'Valencia\' plants containing Citrus tristeza virus (CTV)-derived sequences were propagated and inoculated with CTV. For propagation, selected buds from transgenic and non-transgenic control plants were grafted onto C. aurantium and C. limonia rootstock plants. CTV inoculation was performed via viruliferous aphids (Toxoptera citricida), and viral detectio...

    2. Expression of the citrus CsTIP2;1 gene improves tobacco plant growth, antioxidant capacity and physiological adaptation under stress conditions

    文献信息:Martins, C. P. Neves, D. M. Cidade, L. C. Mendes, A. F. Silva, D. C. Almeida, A. F. Coelho-Filho, M. A. Gesteira, A. S. Soares-Filho, W. S. Costa, M. 等.  2017-01-21 发表于【Planta】 |  , 请登录

    简介:Tonoplast intrinsic proteins (TIPs) are a subfamily of aquaporins, belonging to the major intrinsic protein family. In a previous study, we have shown that a citrus TIP isoform, CsTIP2;1, is highly expressed in leaves and also transcriptionally regulated in leaves and roots by salt and drought stresses and infection by ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’, the causal agent of the Huanglongbing di...

    3. 柑橘果实特异表达基因CsPMEI1在拟南芥和金柑中的过量表达研究

    文献信息:张红红等.   , 请登录

    4. 柑橘CsHB1启动子的克隆及功能分析

    文献信息: 张梦原, 谢幸男, 李盈, 葛晓霞等.  发表于【园艺学报】 | 请登录

    简介:以‘伏令夏橙’叶片基因组DNA为模板,克隆了CsHB1启动子5′端转录起始位点上游分别为1 741 bp和1 613 bp的区域序列。序列分析表明这两个启动子区序列相似度为90.7%,存在141 bp的差异片段,该差异片段中含有2个Box4元件。通过PlantCare数据库对启动子序列的顺式作用元件进行预测,结果表明CsHB1的不同启动子序列含有多种响应元件,如胚乳特异性元件、分生组织表达元件、光反应元件、热应激反应元件、MYB结合位点等。为进一步分析CsHB1启...

    5. 柑橘新品种‘桂夏橙1号’的选育

    文献信息:唐艳, 陈传武, 付慧敏, 伊华林, 邓崇岭, 邓光宙, 刘冰浩 and 李丁凤等.  发表于【果树学报】 | 请登录

    简介:‘桂夏橙1号’是从‘阿尔及利亚夏橙’芽变中选育的柑橘新品种。果实圆球形或椭圆形,果皮橙黄色,果面较粗糙,果顶圆,果肉橙黄色,味酸甜,多汁,有香气;果大,单果质量197.8~259.7 g,果实横径71.0~80.3 mm,纵径68.6~80.1 mm,果形指数0.94~1.03;种子数平均1.68粒,一般1~3粒。可食率70.28%~76.47%,果汁率44.99%~54.39%,可溶性固形物含量(ω)10.2%~13.3%,每100 m L果汁中含维生素C 45.96~55.04 mg,柠檬酸0.68~1.20 g,全糖7.18~9.65 g,固酸比...

    6. 柑橘品种鉴定的SSR标记开发和指纹图谱库构建

    文献信息:李益, 马先锋, 唐浩, 李娜, 江东, 龙桂友, 李大志, 牛英, 韩瑞玺 and 邓子牛等.  发表于【中国农业科学】 | 请登录


    7. Prevention and Control of Taizhou Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and Diaphorina citri from 2002 to 2017: A Review

    文献信息:Yu, Jihua, Zhang, Minrong, Zhong, Liequan, Yang, Xiao, Li, Ping, Lu, Lu, Zhang, Ning and Tao, Jian等.  发表于【 Journal of Agriculture】 | 请登录

    简介:This paper mainly reviewed some researches on prevention and control of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and Diaphorina citri in Taizhou from 2002 to 2017. It was found that the population of citrus HLB was distributed evenly in citrus orchards at the early stage of invasion, but subsequently developed in the pattern of aggregation. Accordingly, the population of Diaphorina citri belonged to the ...

    8. Genetic polymorphism analysis of Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. chachiensis Tanaka and its relatives by SCoT molecular marker

    文献信息:Xiu-Li, X. I., Huang, Hai Bo, Lou, Bu Qing, Zhan, Ruo Ting and Wang, Hao Hang等.  发表于【 Chinese Traditional & Herbal Drugs】 | 请登录

    简介: Objective To carry out genetic polymorphism analysis of Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. chachiensis Tanaka and its relatives by using SCoT molecular marker method. Methods Five factors of Mg2+, d NTPs, Taq DNA polymerase, primer, and template DNA concentration were used to screen the suitable SCoT-PCR reaction system for C. reticulata and its relatives by the method of orthogonal design. The optimum...

    9. Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) Breeding

    文献信息: Usman, Muhammad and Fatima, Bilquees等.  请登录

    简介:The mandarin horticultural group is an important component of world citrus production for the fresh fruit market. This group formerly classified as C. reticulata is highly polymorphic and recent molecular studies have suggested that numerous cultivated mandarins were introgressed by C. maxima (the pummelos). C. maxima and C. reticulata are also the ancestors of sweet and sour oranges,... [Show ful...

    10. Ploidy level of citrus rootstocks affects the carbon and nitrogen metabolism in the leaves of Chromium-stressed Kinnow mandarin plants

    文献信息:Shahid, Muhammad Adnan, Balal, Rashad Mukhtar, Khan, Naeem, Zotarelli, Lincoln, Liu, Guodong, Ghazanfar, Muhammad Usman, Rathinasabapathi, Bala, Matts等.  发表于【Environmental & Experimental Botany】 | 请登录

    简介: This study compared the effects of chromium toxicity on the carbon and nitrogen metabolism in Kinnow mandarin ( Citrus nobilis Lour x Citrus deliciosa Ten) plants grafted on the diploid (2x) and tetraploid (4x) of Poncirus trifoliata [L.], Citrus reshni , and Citrus limonia Osbeck. Plants were grown under controlled conditions and fertigated with complete nutrient solution supplemented with chrom...

    11. Molecular Characterization and Stress Tolerance Evaluation of New Allotetraploid Somatic Hybrids Between Carrizo Citrange and Citrus macrophylla W. rootstocks

    文献信息: Ruiz, Marta, Pensabene-Bellavia, Giovanni, Quiñones, Ana, García-Lor, Andrés, Morillon, Raphaël, Ollitrault, Patrick, Primo-Millo, Eduardo,等.  发表于【Frontiers in Plant Science】 | 请登录

    简介: Polyploidy is one of the main forces that drives the evolution of plants and provides great advantages for breeding. Somatic hybridization by protoplast fusion is used in citrus breeding programs. This method allows combining the whole parental genomes in a single genotype, adding complementary dominant characters, regardless of parental heterozygosity. It also contributes to surpass limitations ...

    12. Effect of phosphorus on N, P, K, Mg accumulation and plant growth of different citrus rootstocks

    文献信息: P. F., T. U.等.  发表于【 Applied Ecology & Environmental Research】 | 请登录

    简介: The results of investigation on early evaluation of compatibility between commercial citrus varieties, and Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix) and Carrizo citrange (C. sinensis Osb. x P. trifoliata L. Raf.) rootstocks, at Mekong Delta Vietnam, during four successive years from 2010 to 2013, reported that out of the tested combinations of the recent commercial citrus varieties, included Da xanh pumelo......

    13. ISSR-Markers Assisted Genetic Diversity Assessment of Acid Lime [Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle] Germplasm of Eastern Nepal

    文献信息:Munankarmi, Nabin Narayan, Rana, Neesha, Bhattarai, Tribikram, Shrestha, Ram Lal, Joshi, Bal Krishna, Baral, Bikash and Shrestha, Sangita等.  请登录

    简介:Acid lime [Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle] is a fruit crop, enriched with high commercial value and is cultivated in 60 out of 75 districts representing all geographical landscapes of Nepal. Lack of high yielding cultivars is probably one of the main reason for its extremely reduced productivity which warrants a deep understanding of genetic diversity in existing germplasm. Hereby, we aim ...

    14. The citrus transcription factor CsMADS6 modulates carotenoid metabolism by directly regulating carotenogenic genes

    文献信息: Lu, S. W., Zhang, Y., Zhu, K., Yang, W., Ye, J. L., Chai, L., Xu, Q. and Deng, X.等.  发表于【Plant Physiology】 | 请登录

    简介:Abstract Although remarkable progress has been made towards understanding carotenoid biosynthesis, the mechanisms that regulate the transcription of carotenogenic genes remain poorly understood. Lycopene 脦虏-cyclases (LCYb) are critical enzymes located at the branch point of the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway. Here, we used the promoter sequence of LCYb1 as bait in a yeast one-hybrid screen for ...

    15. miR156-SPLmodules regulate induction of somatic embryogenesis in citrus callus

    文献信息:Long, Jian Mei, Liu, Chao Yang, Feng, Meng Qi, Liu, Yun, Wu, Xiao Meng and Guo, Wen Wu等.  发表于【Journal of Experimental Botany】 | 请登录

    简介:Overexpression of csi-miR156a enhances the somatic embryogenesis capability of citrus through downstream repression ofCsSPL3andCsSPL14. miR156 is a highly conserved plant miRNA and has been extensively studied because of its versatile roles in plant development. Here, we report a novel role of miR156 in regulating somatic embryogenesis (SE) in citrus, one of the most widely cultivated fruit crops ...

    16. Huanglongbing-induced Anatomical Changes in Citrus Fibrous Root Orders

    文献信息:Kumar, Naveen, Kiran, Fnu and Etxeberria, Ed等.  发表于【 Hortscience A Publication of the American Society for Horticultural Science】 | 请登录

    简介:Citrus fibrous roots are vital for absorption and transport of water, nutrients, and other endogenous plant growth regulators. Efficient functioning of these roots in Huanglongbing (HLB)-affected citrus trees is important for their survival. One-year-old \'Valencia\' sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) trees on Swingle citrumelo were budded with HLB-infected budwood to determine the HLB-induc...

    17. Somatic Embryogenesis, In Vitro Selection and Plantlet Regeneration for Citrus Improvement

    文献信息:Kumar, Krishan, Gill, Manav Indra Singh and Gosal, Satbir Singh等.  请登录

    简介: Citriculture is widely carried out in both tropical and subtropical regions and is one of the most economically important fruit crops. Although a high genetic variability is present in the genus Citrus and its wild relatives, improvement by conventional breeding is difficult because of the presence of nucellar embryos, a high degree of heterozygosity, and long juvenile periods, in addition to... ...

    18. Effects of δ゛minolevulinic acid dehydratase silencing on the primary and secondary metabolisms of citrus

    文献信息:Citrus production in Florida is the largest in the United States with a value of production of $1.34 billion. Yields of bearing citrus trees affected 等.  请登录

    简介:Huanglongbing (HLB) causes considerable economic losses to citrus industries worldwide. Its management depends on controlling of the Asian citrus Psyllid (ACP), the vector of the bacterium, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas), the causal agent of HLB. Silencing genes by RNA interference (RNAi) is a promising tool to explore gene functions as well as control pests. In the current study,... [Sh...

    19. Efficient genetic transformation of sour orange, Citrus aurantium L. using Agrobacterium tumefaciens containing the coat protein gene of Citrus tristeza virus Journal: Plant Gene

    文献信息:Ghaderi, Isa, Sohani, Mohammad Mehdi and Mahmoudi, Ali等.  请登录

    简介: Transgenic Citrus aurantium plants have been obtained by Agrobacterium tumefaciens -mediated gene transfer using seedling-derived epicotyl segments as explants and Basta herbicide as the selective agent. In the present research, hypocotyl, and epicotyls parts of C. aurantium plant were inoculated with A. tumefaciens strain EHA-105. Then, explants were transferred into the regeneration medium and ...

    20. An integrated proteomic and metabolomic study to evaluate the effect of nucleus-cytoplasm interaction in a diploid citrus cybrid between sweet orange and lemon

    文献信息:Faddetta, Teresa; Abbate, Loredana; Renzone, Giovanni; Palumbo Piccionello, Antonio; Maggio, Antonella; Oddo, Elisabetta; Scaloni, Andrea; Puglia, Ann等.  发表于【Plant Molecular Biology】 | 请登录

    简介:KEY MESSAGE: Our results provide a comprehensive overview how the alloplasmic condition might lead to a significant improvement in citrus plant breeding, developing varieties more adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Citrus cybrids resulting from somatic hybridization hold great potential in plant improvement. They represent effective products resulting from the transfer of organelle-encoded t...

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